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Information Announcement of Safous Security Service Edge/SSE launch

IIJ America launched Safous Security Service Edge/SSE which enables every size of corporation to easily operate secure zero trust network in the U.S.

28 Sep

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IIJ America announced the launch of zero-trust network access (ZTNA) service, Safous Security Service Edge/SSE in the U.S. today.

Service Highlights

  • The service provides secure access to internal information resources such as business applications within the customer's premise or to the SaaS application in the cloud.  The authorized user can be connected from anywhere in the world from a browser with Internet access.
  • Multi-Factor authentication and Single Sign On functions are equipped.  Access control can be fine-tuned according to various conditions such as terminal application, location, device, etc. Strong user authentication and access control restricts access to authorized applications for authorized user/object.
  • The service is compatible with agentless deployment.  Not depending on OS or devices, user can connect to internal information resources only with a browser.
  • With the Browser Isolation Function, users can separate application access and the device.  This allows users to safely navigate the internet through their browser. 

Service Image

The service allows authorized users to securely connect o internal information resources anytime from anywhere.  Furthermore, advanced authentication functions provide the fine-tuned access control.

Safous Security Service Edge/SSE

Service Type

Customers can select the plan that suits their requirements from three types of services: Standard, Standard Plus, and Advanced.

Safous Security Service Edge/SSE Service Type

For more information

Visit the following website for more details on the service.

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