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Helpdesk that sticks with you until it's fixed

IIJ America can provide detailed support for IT system operation/maintenance and end-user support on behalf of your IT team.

IT Helpdesk overview

IIJ America provides detailed management of IT environments for Japanese subsidiaries in the U.S, with our support desk being available in English and Japanese.

LAN Support

IIJA will answer inquires about systems used daily, including PCs. Filer servers, conference systems, and other devices you use every day. 

Service Support

We will answer inquiries about service failures and service specifications to customers who are using services provided by IIJ America.


Inquires over the phone or E-mail can be made in English and Japanese.

Support hours


General inquiries and requests for setting change
IIJA business hours 9:00 am~8:00 pm EST/EDT (Mon~Fri)
in Japanese/English

Monitoring and troubleshooting

IIJ America can provide service monitoring and operation reports upon request.
For inquiries about problems and failures:
24/7, 365 days a year
(Only automated phone reception is available after IIJA Business hours and on holidays)

Service Overview

Provide helpdesk support according to your organization's IT operation and resources.

  • Flat-rate monthly plan
  • Support ticket plan
  • Managed Service

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