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IIJA Password Management Service

IIJA's Password Management: Security & Management Made Easy

How are your employees managing their credentials? An employee's compromised identity can lead to your organization being breached. With the increase in cloud services, users have been forced to manage more usernames and passwords than ever before. IIJA engineers will fully support you in implementing Keeper Password Manager, a password management tool that is an important line of defense against the threat of information leaks

What About Password Management Service?

Password Management Services manage passwords and other sensitive information such as credit card numbers, which are important corporate information. Password Management Services also prevent information leaks by storing data in encrypted secure vaults. Data breaches have the potential to cause significant damage to organizations, while the number of victims of hacker attacks continues to increase year after year. We provide Keeper Password Manager to enhance your security by protecting against credential leaks that can happen due to password theft or weak password configurations.


1.Convenience and Security

Do you manage your passwords using Excel or Notepads? Do you let your browser memorize your credentials?
These password management methods are outdated and make your organization vulnerable. Our Password Management Service will improve your security by storing credentials in the secure Keeper Vault with strong encryption. It will also help improve productivity with its autofill functionality.

2.Enhance Compliance

Do you know how well your corporate password policy is being followed? You can confirm if your employees are being compliant with corporate policies.

This service will enhance compliance by visualizing whether employees are using password management tools and whether they are using strong passwords.

3.Tracking Leaked Credential

How can you be the first to notice a leak of an employee's password or credentials?
The Dark Web Monitoring feature of this service promptly alerts users if their credentials detected on the dark Web.

*BreachWatch license is required.

Service Features

Zero Knowledge*1 Architecture for Secure Storage of Credentials

Only a user’s master password and device-level secret keys are capable of decrypting data, so that even if the provider (Keeper Security) is compromised, the user's information will not be leaked.

*1 Zero Knowledge is a security model that uses encryption and data isolation to render data leaks meaningless.

Respond to Password Spray Attacks*2 and Credential Stuffing Attacks*3

Random and unique passwords can be generated and stored in the Keeper Vault using a highly secure 256-bit AES encryption, making password cracking nearly impossible.

*2 Password Spray Attack is an attack in which an attacker attempts to access multiple accounts on a domain using a common password.

*3 Credential Stuffing Attack is a cyber-attack strategy in which an attacker attempts to gain unauthorized access to multiple user accounts using stolen credentials.

Provide On-Boarding for Installation

(optional) IIJA engineers will assist with the initial setup, including tenant creation, account provisioning, and SSO setup. An initial follow-up meeting will be held immediately after implementation to address any concerns you may have.

Provide Monthly Reports

(optional) IIJA engineers will analyze and inform about the monthly usage of password management tools in your environment and create reports based on this information. Online meetings are also available upon request where IIJA engineers will explain the contents of the report. 

*Please sign up for BreachWatch.


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