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Services & Solutions SASE Platform Service Type-C

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SASE Platform Service Type-C

An Ever-evolving Cloud-based Network

A "cloud-based" service that provides optimal access to business resources in a secure and simple manner. SASE Platform Service Type-C provides functions that match the customer's network configuration and security requirements.

Concept of the service


Manage all communications on asingle network.


Provide maintenance-free network and integrated security features.


Manage and enforce policies across all locations and remote users with an unified management console.

Service Features

Global Footprints

Several new PoPs will be opened every quarter, and facilities will be expanded to connect to the SASE platform service (CATO Cloud) from anywhere in the world.

Self-healing By Design

The SASE Platform service (CATO Cloud) automates all fault detection, failover and failback, resulting in reduced risk for any downtime to the service.

Best End-to-end Performance

Software in each PoP selects the best routes to maximize network uptime and end-to-end communication quality.  This feature improves the unpredictable network quality of the public Internet.

Service Image

Offices, data centers, cloud, and remote users connect to a single SASE Platform service (CATO Cloud).


Managed Service by IIJA

Simple installation, configuration, and operation.

Implementing the service

  • Simply connect the locations or users to the SASE platform service (CATO Cloud).
  • IIJA will ship the edge terminal(Cato Socket) to customer.
  • IIJA will configure the edgeterminal (Cato Socket) which enables stress-free deployment to remote locations (optional).

Configuring the service

  • Centralized configuration of connection and security policies for all remote users and edge terminals. All configuration is done remotely from the management console.
  • IIJA engineers will provide the initial configuration and configuration changes during operation according to customer requirements (optional).

Operation of the service

  • Check service usage and operation status in real time.
  • Event logs can be linked to external solutions such as SIEM.
  • Traffic analysis from past logs and regular reports can be provided per customer request (optional).

Service Menus

Self-managed Type

IIJA provides Cato Cloud license.
Customers handle the operation of the SASE platform service.

Full-managed Type

IIJA provides Cato Cloud licenses and IIJA handles the operation work of the SASE platform service
on customer’s behalf.

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