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Information Launch announcement for the IIJA Password Management Service.

IIJ America announced the launch of IIJA Password Management Service in the U.S. today, which manages passwords and prevents information leaks.

25 Jan

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IIJ America announced the launch of IIJA Password Management Service in the U.S. today.


The sheer volume of passwords leaking into the dark web is staggering, creating an ecosystem where hackers can exploit them at any given moment. The main causes of data breaches are stolen passwords and weak password settings. Therefore, password strength is a crucial line of defence for organizations to prevent them. On the flip side, as cloud usage advances, the number of credentials used is also increasing. Organizations are implementing single sign-on (SSO), but some systems face integration challenges. Making it necessary to input credentials one by one. Improving productivity and keeping passwords strong and secure are major challenges for organizations.

The IIJA Password Management Service offers Keeper Security Inc.'s password management tool, Keeper Password Manager, as a managed service. There are three main reasons why password management is essential:

1.Enhancing Security:
Passwords are critical elements for preventing unauthorized access to user accounts and systems. However, when reusing the same passwords or when the passwords are short and simple, passwords become susceptible to hacking. Implementing a password management tool will enhance security by automatically generating strong and complex passwords and securely managing these credentials. 

2.Improving Convenience:
Inputting passwords manually each time poses the risk of the credentials being forgotten or the users inputting it incorrectly, costing your team precious time. Writing down passwords on paper is also not a good solution because that poses the risk of it being stolen or lost. By implementing a password management tool, you can automate the creation and management process, while simultaneously ensuring better security.  

3.Compliance Adherence:
Recent regulations in the corporate sector, such as data protection laws and ISMS, demand compliance with security regulations. These regulations specify certain requirements and standards for password management. By adopting a password management tool, you can confirm whether your organization is staying compliant with these regulations. 

In summary, implementation of a password management tool is a necessity in many organizations. Implementation will allow them to enhance security, improve convenience, and adhere to compliance standards.

Service Highlights

  • Password Management Services securely manages important corporate passwords and credentials, and thereby preventing information leaks. IIJA Password Management Service will improve your security by storing credentials in the secure Keeper Vault with strong encryptions. While also helping to improve productivity with its autofill functionality.
  • Random and unique passwords can be generated and stored in the Keeper Vault using a highly secure 256-bit AES encryption, making password cracking nearly impossible.
  • IIJA engineers will assist with the initial setup, including tenant creation, account provisioning, and SSO setup. An initial follow-up meeting will be held immediately after implementation to address any concerns you may have.
  • IIJA engineers will analyse and inform about the monthly usage of password management tools in your environment and create reports based on this information. Online meetings are also available upon request where IIJA engineers will explain the contents of the report. *Please sign up for Business Plus or Enterprise Plus.

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