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Information Launch announcement for the IIJA Log Management Service

IIJ America announced the launch of IIJA Log Management Service in the U.S. today. The service collects, stores and visualizes logs from multiple services and solutions on the cloud for long periods of time.

19 Apr

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IIJ America announced the launch of IIJA Log Management Service in the U.S. today.


The importance of log management has been recognized for some time, and organizations have been aware of the challenges involved in implementing effective log management practices.

In particular, the log retention periods for cloud services, which are becoming increasingly popular, often vary and the log location is difficult to track. This makes it challenging to quickly search for and download logs when needed.

Additionally, with the use of multiple services and applications, it can be difficult to centrally search logs and perform quick investigation and analysis. Furthermore, the setup and operation of log management tools can be complex, preventing organizations to get started with log management.

In response to these challenges, IIJ America has developed and launched IIJA Log Management Service that collects, centrally stores, and visualizes logs from multiple services and solutions in the cloud for extended periods.

IIJA Log Management Service offers a range of compelling benefits, including:

1. Security

In the event of a security incident, such as unauthorized access or data leakage, the unified log repository and search capabilities of IIJA Log Management Service enable quick investigation.

2. Compliance

IIJA Log Management Service simplifies log retention and auditing processes, enabling organizations to effortlessly comply with various laws, regulations, and industry frameworks.

3. Efficiency

IIJA Log Management Service automates the collection, storage, and visualization of logs from multiple services, streamlining log management operations and reducing manual overhead. Additionally, it can be used to empower organizations to identify opportunities for business improvement and optimization.

Log management is an indispensable aspect of maintaining a secure and efficient information system. By effectively managing logs using IIJA Log Management Service, organizations can reap a multitude of benefits, including: safeguarding sensitive data and critical systems from evolving security threats, demonstrating unwavering compliance with industry regulations and internal policies, optimizing IT resource utilization, reducing costs, and enhancing efficiency.

Service Highlights

IIJA Log Management Service is operated on a cloud platform provided by IIJA.

Effortless Log Collection: Collect logs from diverse platforms ensuring comprehensive log coverage.

  • Log linkages -API/SYSLOG
  • Logs are retained for one year or a specified period.
  • Log storage is expandable. *1
  • The log data collection path is encrypted. *2

Log Visualization and Powerful Log Search: Utilize robust search capabilities to quickly pinpoint relevant log entries.

  • Collected log data can be centrally searched.
  • Log data can be searched and viewed in real time. *3
  • Access can be restricted by source IP address.
  • Dashboards can be created to analyze log data.
*1 If there is no remaining storage capacity in your log management service, you will not be able to save log data after the remaining capacity is depleted.
*2 Whether the log collection path is encrypted or not depends on the log collection method.
*3 The timing of linking log data varies depending on the log collection method.

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