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Services & Solutions IIJ GIO US Service

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IIJ GIO US Service

Business Class Cloud Service that offers: Manageability, Expandability, and Reliability

By combining an abundant server lineups and add-ons, IIJA provides cloud that supports various requirements.

Service Features

IIJ GIO US Service is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) with high-quality, large-capacity resource pools on IIJ’s internet backbone. Its cloud  facility is located within IIJ America’s data center on U.S. east/west coast and is structured and operated by IIJ America’s highly skilled and experienced engineers.

Coast-to-Coast Coverage

Our cloud facilities directly connected to IIJ's high-capacity backbone on the East & West coasts (New York & Los Angeles) makes a mutual DR solution.

Flexible System Configuration

IIJ GIO US offers 3 types of servers : virtual dedicated/physical/virtualized platform. You can combine & configure the features to your liking to achieve the optimal system infrastructure for your needs.

Run on IIJ's Backbone

We are directly linked to a high capacity Internet backbone connected worldwide.  In the US, the backbone between the East and the West data centers are connected, forming a ring shaped network, enabling high-speed communication.

Bilingual Support

IIJ America provides seamless support in both English & Japanese.  With extensive experience in system operation and flexible hours of support, we’ve got you covered from the very beggining to the end.

Service Specification

The IIJ GIO US Service offers three types of cloud solutions to accommodate dynamic demands, providing flexible configurations to meet your needs. Combining advanced operation monitoring solutions is also possible.

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