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IIJA Log Management Service

Effortless Log Management

IIJA Log Management Service empowers secure, compliant, and efficient IT operations.

What is Log Management Service?

IIJA Log Management Service collects, stores and visualizes logs from multiple services and solutions IIJA provides on the cloud for long periods of time. 



In the event of a security incident, such as unauthorized access or data leakage, the unified log repository and search capabilities of IIJA Log Management Service enable quick investigation.


IIJA Log Management Service simplifies log retention and auditing processes, enabling organizations to effortlessly comply with various laws, regulations, and industry frameworks.


IIJA Log Management Service automates the collection, storage, and visualization of logs from multiple services, streamlining log management operations and reducing manual overhead. Additionally, it can be used to empower organizations to identify opportunities for business improvement and optimization.

Service Features

Log Management Service leverages IIJA's extensive cloud expertise to provide a robust and scalable log management tool that meets the evolving needs of modern organizations. By opting for a cloud-based approach, organizations can:


This service stores log data in cloud storage of the IIJ GIO US Service.

Avoid the upfront costs and ongoing maintenance expenses associated with on-premises log management infrastructure.


Storage volume for logs can be added at any time in increments of 100GB.

Scale the service up effortlessly to accommodate changing log volumes and organizational needs.


Log data is automatically collected via API/Syslog.

Prevent human errors such as forgetting to retrieve log data or accidentally erasing it, and store logs for a specified period of time, making them accessible at any time.


Effortless Log Collection

Collect logs from diverse platforms ensuring comprehensive log coverage.

  • Log linkages -API/SYSLOG
  • Logs are retained for one year or a specified period.
  • Log storage is expandable. *1
  • The log data collection path is encrypted. *2
*1 If there is no remaining storage capacity in your log management service, you will not be able to save log data after the remaining capacity is depleted.
*2 Whether the log collection path is encrypted or not depends on the log collection method.

Visualization and Log Search

Utilize robust search capabilities to quickly pinpoint relevant log entries.

  • Collected log data can be centrally searched.
  • Log data can be searched and viewed in real time. *3
  • Access can be restricted by source IP address.
  • Dashboards can be created to analyze log data.
*3 The timing of linking log data varies depending on the log collection method.

Service Menu

Logs that can be managed with IIJA Log Management Service are not limited to services and applications provided by IIJA, but can also include licensed services and applications brought in by customers.

Service Menu

IIJA Log Management Service
- 1 Service Module
- Up to 100GB Storage

[Option] Additional Service Module


100GB included in the service

[Option] Additional Storage for Logs (100GB)

Service Module

Cato Networks
Microsoft 365 Entra ID
Keeper Password Manager

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