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Simple Backup Solution

A simple and reasonable cloud-based backup service

Considerably reduce the burden of system operation by utilizing cloud-based backup services.

Challenges of Backup

As the importance of digital data held by businesses grows, data loss is more likely to damage business activity, making backups more important than ever before.  The issue many organizations run into is that maintaining and operating a backup system is complicated and is a large operational load for system engineers. 

What about Cloud Backup ?

There are various backup methods and solutions and it is important to choose the right backup system for your organization.  This depends on the unique requirements each organizations has, such as their existing IT environment, the time it takes to recover data, or the cost related to operation and maintenance.  Our cloud-based backup service is designed to have a high ROI that can meet a broad set of requirements with just a few clicks.

The classification of data recovery

Recovery Time and Methods

On-premise: Data replication on Storage

Replicated data is continuously available on the system but this type of backup involves a significant cost.


On-premise: Backup utilized with backup application

Restore time depends on the media type and its data transfer speed.  If a cyber attack occurs within the same site, recovery may not be possible.


Cloud Backup

Since the data is recovered (copied) from the backup stored in the cloud, the restore time depends on the data transfer speed (Internet) from the backup cloud.

Pros of Cloud-based Backup Service

Reduce labor and cost on implementation

All you need to prepare for implementation of backups are the Internet access and a browser that is used for administrative setup.

Easy operation and maintenance

You can complete most backup operations remotely.  Operations such as installation, backup, restore and updates are all be done on a browser.

Simple billing model

You will only be charged for the data that needs to be backed up. In addition, there is no charge for the number of nodes (number of clients).  Contracted storage size can be added/reduced freely.

Dedicated NAS linkage is optional.

Features of Simple Backup Solution


As a basic function, the service is provided for OS image backup (and restore).
- OS image backup
- Restore by a file /folder

Low price

The service is provided at a low, challenging pricing by leveraging Internet-based technologies and infrastructure.
- Pay-as-you-go model based on how much data needs to be backed up.

Usage purpose

- Backup can be restored at any designated location by file/folder
- Backup can be used for on-premise to cloud migration
- The service supports a wide range of OS and platform (physical/virtual)

Scope of application

The service is accessible from anywhere if you are connected to the Internet.


All functions used for backup operations are accessible from users' control panel, which gives customer a total operational freedom. (Scheduling, monitoring, agent update, etc.)

Minimize Maintenance

The backup service frees customers from troublesome capacity management and equipment/software support expiration .。
- Utilized agent type backup engine (powered by Acronis)
- Backup data is stored in Acronis datacenter via the Internet.

Safe and Secure Backup

IIJA provides an assetless, economical high quality backup service.

Multi-factor Authentication

The login to the control panel used for backup operation supports multi-factor authentication function to secure access to backup data.

IP Address Access Control

Access to the control panel  can only be permitted with the source IP address set in advance, that can prevent access from malicious third parties.

Encrypted Data Lock

Backup data stored in the backup service is automatically encrypted. (Supports AE256 encryption method)

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